Forza Fotografia | About
Hello and welcome to Forza Fotografia. My name is Tony and I am a freelance photographer based in the suburbs of Bangor, Maine. Forza Fotografia comes from a combination of two of my passions, powerlifting and photography. My grandfather was always carrying a camera with him, though not a professional, he loved capturing moments with his family. His father was born in city just outside of Rome in Italy and I felt it fitting to pay a tribute to my heritage through my photography.

The name is Italian for strength (Forza) and photography(Fotografia). While strength is something needed in powerlifting, I feel it translates through our lives both personally and professionally. Given the trials and tribulations of this life, one must remain strong in the face of adversity and through that strength you will reap the happiness. My mission is to capture the moments of strength, happiness and everything in between.

My education is in business, my professors often pressed me to think outside the box. I have translated this into my photography. Everyone sees life differently. It is my hope to take a subject and capture it in other ways. I am self taught and believe you never stop learning, especially in photography.

If you have any questions or would like to see how I can help your family, business or organization, please do not hesitate to contact me.